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Program overview

This program is designed as a pathway to knowing one’s leadership landscape, the range of ways you might choose to lead, defined by the overlap of three areas: leadership mindset, style and skills all of which are strongly known to impact performance or results.

This program helps you challenge self, step outside one’s comfort zone, become aware of one’s limiting behavioral patterns and volunteer one’s strengths to make a difference to team and the organization.

Who should attend?

For leaders across levels from mid to senior level managers who are responsible for leading individuals and teams.

What will the program experience include?

• Pre- Assessment: MBTI online Questionnaire (Step I & II)
• Face-to-Face workshop
• Formulation of IDP
• Interactive webinars
• One to one Coaching support

Why choose “Discover your Leadership Signature”?

• Build a balanced leadership culture aligned with organisational philosophy
• Create a high performance and high engagement culture
• Reduce the risk of leadership derailment
• Increase employee productivity and performance

What results you can expect?

• Improved employee engagement
• Balanced leadership culture
• Increased creativity & innovation
• Improved individual and team performance

How do we support you post the workshop?

A custom approach designed to support your leaders achieve tangible results includes the following options:

• One to One Coaching (Face to Face or Tele- Coaching)
• Webinars
• Espresso Workshop’s
• Review of IDP

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