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Program overview

Teams drive organizational success yet forming and leading teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader. To be successful leaders need to build the right team climate, create a compelling vision and the supporting framework for the team to come together as one cohesive work force.

This program provides an opportunity for leaders to understand the knowledge, skills, and principles behind building high performance work teams. Leaders learn how to lead intact or cross-functional teams in today’s global matrix organizations and accelerate organizational performance.

Who should attend?

For Leaders who lead teams at the functional level / project level or as part of their organizational role.

What will the program experience include?

• Pre –workshop diagnostic study
• In-depth Leadership Assessment
• Follow up & Review (Individual & Team Action plan)
• One to One Coaching (Telephonic / Face To Face)
• Group review sessions

Why choose “Leading High Performance Work Teams”?

Do you face any of these issues?

• Unpredictable business results
• Delayed project milestones
• Reduced team morale
• Poor conflict resolution
• Avoidance of Accountability

What results you can expect?

• A robust action plan linked to business results
• A positive team climate leading to greater collaboration
• Improved learning agility and problem-solving skills
• Enhanced creativity & innovation
• Improved workflow and processes leading to predictability of results

How do we support you post the workshop?

• One to One Coaching (Face to Face or Tele- Coaching)
• Webinars
• Espresso Workshop’s
• Review of team development plan
• A framework to ensure consistent results

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