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Program overview

Managing large-scale projects in a complex business environment, requires more than mere technical skills, it needs project leaders to better understand individual motivations and strengths, team dynamics and more importantly aligning people around a common purpose and vision.

This program aims to build competencies to significantly enhance your leadership effectiveness within the context of managing technical projects from a behavioral perspective.

Who should attend?

For mid to senior level managers or project leads who manage multiple or complex projects.

What will the program experience include?

• Pre –work: select readings
• Leadership Competency Assessment
• Peer to Peer feedback led discussions
• Individual Action Plan
• Post workshop Coaching support

Why choose “Managerial Excellence program”?

• Build a high performing project team
• Develop project leadership competencies
• Build team resilience to overcome failures
• Enhance interpersonal understanding and build team synergy
• Ensure greater reliability and predictability of results

How do we support you post the workshop?

• One to One Coaching (Face to Face or Tele- Coaching)
• Group Webinars
• Peer to Peer Learning networks
• Review of IDP
• Refresher workshop post 6 months

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