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Program overview

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one the most useful personality indicator tools in use today. It is used extensively for self-understanding, Leadership training and Organization development. MBTI is used in a wide variety of contexts to build teams, navigate change, accelerate innovation, develop emotional intelligence, manage conflict, and adopt a relationship-based approach to maximize sales.

This program aims to provide vital insights into one’s personality and helps accelerate achievement of both individual and organizational goals.

Who should attend?

For mid to senior level managers across all functions either as a stand-alone workshop, with intact teams or part of a leadership development program.

What results you can expect?

• Improved interpersonal communication
• Enhanced teamwork & Synergy
• Inspirational leadership leading to highly engaged teams
• Improved ability to manage and adapt to change
• Increased individual and team innovation Quotient

How do we support you post the workshop?

• One to One Coaching (Face to Face or Tele- Coaching)
• Peer to Peer Learning Networks
• Group Coaching
• IDP Implementation support
• Progress Review

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