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Leader’s today are operating in an ever-changing business environment and regularly face new challenges in the marketplace. To be successful at an individual, team, or organizational level, they need to equip themselves with new skills and competencies and lead the organization into the future.

At Human Network, we partner with you to align the leadership development initiatives with the business strategy and design a capability-building program, which helps business leaders accelerate results and set the foundation for future growth.

Learn how our leadership program helped to improve business performance.

What are your Leadership challenges?

To begin, Let us initiate a dialogue to better understand your business context and discuss what needs are increasingly emphasizing the importance of building leadership capability.

• Do you find business results improving, declining or stagnant?
• Is employee engagement or retention a concern?
• Is employee performance constantly fluctuating?
• Do you have ambitious goals and targets for the financial year?
• Are you diversifying into new businesses and need to build new competencies?

How we can support you?

Our leadership development programs, tools, and assessments are designed to build leadership capability and develop a leadership pipeline to meet current and future organizational needs.

Our focus is to help leaders achieve greater self-awareness, develop skills, capabilities to improve leadership effectiveness and contribute significantly towards business results.

Solutions & Services

High Performance Leadership

Assess your Leadership Potential and Build Critical Competencies to Drive Performance

A developmental opportunity with an intense leadership development experience, complete with 360-degree feedback, behavioral profiling, a leadership retreat, which provides feedback on key leadership competencies, and impact both performance and results.

Discover Your Leadership Signature

Discover one’s Uniqueness as a Leader and Enhance Leadership Impact & Influence

This program is designed as a pathway to knowing one’s leadership landscape, the range of ways you might choose to lead, defined by the overlap of three areas: leadership mindset, style and skills all of which are strongly known to impact performance or results.

Leading High Performance Work Teams

Build High Performance Teams as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Provides an opportunity for leaders to understand the knowledge, skills, principles behind building high-performance work teams and learn how to lead intact or cross-functional teams in today’s global organizations.

Accelerated Leadership Development Program

A Custom Leadership Development Program for High Potential Leaders

An accelerated learning and development track for high potential leaders to help them transition into critical roles as part of the organization’s talent management program linked to the current and future business strategy.

Action Learning

Build Leadership Capacity to Solve Organizational Problems and Accelerate Performance

Leaders can significantly enhance their ability to lead the organization by using action learning which focuses on real problems, identify solutions and deliver results, which matter most to the organization. This program is designed to build change agents and catalysts to steer the organization into the future and accelerate performance.

Competency Assessment & Development

Human Network’s expertise in competency development is designed to help you define & develop competencies, which impact business results.


Success Profiles

Success Profiles

Create a success profile to better understand your leadership DNA and identify high potential leaders.

Business Focus

Business Focus

Leverage our expertise to define competences, which drive business performance and accelerate business results.

User-Friendly Reports

User-Friendly Reports

Access our wide selection of competency assessment and development reports to get you the best results in the shortest possible time.

High Degree Reliability

High Degree Reliability

Globally benchmarked tools with a high degree of reliability and validity that deliver predictable results.



Provide additional coaching support or workshops to aid competency development and leverage your investment.

Action Learning

Action Learning

Integrate an action-learning component as part of your leadership development strategy to get a ROI on your investment.

Leadership Mirror

Leadership Mirror

Use a combination of psychometric tools and 360 multi-rater feedback to identify leadership strengths & targeted development needs.



Leverage Coaching as potent tool to develop leadership potential and build capability that delivers results in real time.

Here is what our clients say

"The high performance leadership program was an enthralling experience, which changed my entire outlook on life, and at the same time instilling confidence, gratitude and positive outlook within me, the coaching which followed in the next 6 months helped me immensely in achieving my personal as well as professional goals. As a result, over achieved the business target and increased the retail business from 49% to 75%"

- Senior Business Manager, Insurance Company.

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