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Program overview

As in sports, individual heroes don’t make a team. It’s the collective intelligence of the team and the ability to tap into each other’s strengths and support each other when it matters the most is what makes the biggest difference.

In reality, this does not happen overnight, it takes time often at the cost of results or performance. Coaching accelerates the process of teaming, reduces barriers, improves teamwork, and significantly enhances the probability of success.

What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching is for intact business teams who have to deliver business results, which are core to the strategy. Usually, there is a challenge around speed to market, challenging timelines, complex project deliverables or simply grow at a faster rate than the competition, which necessitates the need for a coaching intervention.

How can we help?

We work with you by first understanding your business context, mapping key outcomes and then create a success roadmap to help you achieve your goals. The team development plan is dovetailed with performance goals and objectives for the year and aims to build capability and drive business performance. As a business leader, you can now experience the satisfaction of seeing the team peak perform, and deliver predictable results.

What are the benefits?

Team Members have reported the following benefits post coaching

• Greater sensitivity towards self & others
• Open, transparent and authentic communication
• Improved interpersonal relationships
• Reduced conflict and improved collaboration
• Increased agility and speed of execution

What team members have to say?

“Its great to be part of a winning team! I feel at home and things move so much faster and we seem to be achieving a lot with little effort” - Coachee

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