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Senior Business Manager, Insurance Company.

“I gained a lot of value and insights from the High Performance Leadership program, it provided actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application, this workshop has given me tools to better identify opportunities to influence and persuade business partners we work with to help and grow overall business and achieve goals. As a result achieved 103% of the target with operating surplus of 40%.

Senior Business Manager, Insurance Company.

The high performance leadership program was an enthralling experience, which changed my entire outlook on life, and at the same time instilling confidence, gratitude and positive outlook within me, the coaching which followed in the next 6 months helped me immensely in achieving my personal as well as professional goals. As a result, over achieved the business target and increased the retail business from 49% to 75%.

Senior Business Manager, Global IT Products & Services

“Ashwin takes a structured approach centred on clear goals and objectives, and a commitment to accountability. Thus the coaching engagement was not just about “fluffy” self-discovery, but it led to measurable business results. This was a win-win for the organization and me. As a result built a new team focused on value selling leading to an increase in productivity by 125% in 3 years, grew the consulting business by over 175% in 2 years.”

Senior Group Business Director, Media & Research Company.

“The overall Coaching experience was extremely rewarding. The program pulled me out of my comfort zone and helped me to look at things from a different perspective. The process was well thought through, detailed and targeted at leveraging strengths and managing weaknesses, this helped me see the immediate benefits of implementing the learning. As a result of the program, I gained significantly on confidence to be able to deliver on the next role.”

Chief Human Resources Officer, Global Media & Research, Company.

Ashwin’s strength as a talent partner has been his relentless focus on business outcomes and his willingness to stretch himself to ensure these are delivered. Ashwin easily builds trust with stakeholders with his objective and empathetic approach. We would recommend Human Network to organizations seeking talent development interventions, which are linked to business outcomes.

Senior Business Head, Global Pharma Company.

Ashwin has in depth knowledge of several organizational development tools, which he uses in a wide variety of ways. He brings positivity amongst the participants and inspires them to introspect and use their strengths and adapt their management style to create strong interpersonal relationships, which has a multiplier effect and accelerates results in a dynamic business scenario.

Senior Manager HR, Global Shipping & Logistics Company.

“I have known Ashwin for more than 2 years and it has been a superb learning journey for me personally and professionally. The coaching program design to address my leadership development needs was in itself a learning process. This learning journey with Ashwin has helped me develop leadership competencies and tap into my potential, understand how to effectively manage my blind spots and overall improve my work efficiency and performance.”

Senior Business Manager, Global IT Products & Services Company.

“Ashwin challenged me in subtle and not so subtle ways, continuously promoting self-reflection. The Coaching engagement instilled a strong inner self-confidence, based on a new understanding about my hidden potential. This has equipped me to challenge myself to think big realistically. Out of multiple leadership/executive coaching experiences over the years, the engagement with Ashwin has been the most impactful and endearing for this reason.”

Senior Business Professional, Global IT Company.

“Ashwin has experience of working with executives and leaders at various levels in multitude of industries, functional areas, and regions. He draws upon this experience with occasionally very relevant examples to challenge the coachee to arrive at their own insights. He has certifications and access to a variety of tools, which he uses judiciously. Most importantly, Ashwin’s sincerity and strong commitment to coachee’s long-term success is a key differentiator.”
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